2017 Results

September 23 October 07 October 21
Trenton Red Flannel Festival Brandon
Rockford Lapeer East Kentwood
Grand Haven Hastings Jenison
Cereal City Alma College Clarkston
Lamphere Vicksburg Troy Athens
BOA Toledo Chippewa Valley October 28
September 30 Grant Huron Valley
Knight Time Classic Novi Great Lakes
Pontiac October 14 West Shore
Otsego Allendale November 04
Carlson DeWitt [Cancelled] MCBA State Finals
Lake Orion Grandville November 09-11
October 03 Lakeshore BOA Grand Nationals
Downriver Fanfare Port Huron Northern
Livonia Franklin
Bands Across the Valley

2016 Results

September 17 October 04 October 22
Trenton Downriver Fanfare Brandon
Rockford October 08 East Kentwood
September 24 Allendale Jenison
Gibraltar Carlson Linden Clarkston
Grand Haven Vicksburg Bands Across the Valley
Knight Time Classic Grant October 29
Otsego Livonia Franklin Huron Valley
Lamphere October 15 Great Lakes
Penn Carnival of Bands DeWitt West Shore
October 01 Grandville November 05
Alma College Pontiac MCBA State
Chippewa Valley Lakeshore November 10-12
Red Flannel Festival Belding Grand Nationals
Hastings Troy Athens

2015 Results

09/19 10/03 10/17
Trenton Chippewa Valley Allendale
Rockford Red Flannel Festival Brandon
09/26 Hastings Lakeshore
Carlson Woodhaven Belding
Grand Haven Novi Bands Across the Valley
Knight Time Classic BOA Dayton 10/24
Otsego 10/06 East Kentwood
Pontiac Downriver Fanfare Jenison
Lamphere 10/10 Clarkston
BOA Bowling Green Alma College Great Lakes Invitational
Penn (IN) DeWitt 10/31
Linden Huron Valley
Grandville Livonia Franklin
Grant West Shore Invitational
Troy Athens 11/07
MCBA State

2014 Results

09/20 10/04 10/18
Novi Lamphere Clarkston
Trenton Alma College Livonia Franklin
Rockford Red Flannel Festival Jenison
Whitehall Hastings East Kentwood
09/27 Gull Lake Brandon
Bands Across the Valley BOA Toledo 10/25
Grant 10/07 Huron Valley
Chippewa Valley Wyandotte Roosevelt West Shore
Gibraltar Carlson 10/11 Troy Athens
Grand Haven Belding 11/01
Knight Time Classic Great Lakes Invitational MCBA State Finals
Otsego DeWitt 11/13-15
BOA Dayton Grandville BOA Grand Nationals


2013 Results

09/21 10/05 10/19
Trenton Ortonville Brandon East Kentwood
Rockford Red Flannel Festival Jenison
Novi Fanfare Hastings Clarkston
09/28 Bands Across the Valley Great Lakes Invitational
Chippewa Valley Grant 10/26
Gibraltar Carlson Lamphere Huron Valley Invitational
Knight Time Classic 10/12 West Shore Invitational
Otsego Alma College Woodhaven
Grand Haven DeWitt 11/02
Troy Athens Grandville MCBA State Finals
BOA Toledo Gull Lake 11/13-16
10/01 (TUES) Lakeshore BOA Grand Nationals
Downriver Fanfare Belding
Livonia Franklin
West Bloomfield

2012 Results

9/15  10/06 10/20
Lamphere John Glenn East Kentwood
9/22 Grand Haven Jenison
Rockford Gull Lake Flushing MIT
Trenton Hastings Clarkston
Novi Brandon 10/27
9/29 Red Flannel Festival Woodhaven
Otsego  Troy Athens West Shore
Chippewa Valley  Livonia Franklin Huron Valley
Gibraltar Carlson  BOA Pontiac 11/03
Knight Time Classic 10/13 MCBA State
Wyoming  Lakeshore 11/7-10
West Bloomfield DeWitt  BOA Grand Nationals
Belding Alma 
10/02  Grandville
Downriver Fanfare Cedar Springs 
Bands Across the Valley
Great Lakes Invitational


2011 Results

9/17 10/04 10/15
Rockford Downriver Fanfare DeWitt
Lamphere 10/08 East Kentwood
9/24 Alma College Wyoming Park
Knight Time Classic Brandon Cedar Springs
Otsego Grand Haven Bands Across the Valley
Trenton Grandville 10/22
Belding John Glenn Jension
Livonia Franklin Lakeshore West Bloomfield
Novi Linden Clarkston
10/01 Troy Athens 10/29
Chippewa Valley BOA Pontiac Huron Valley
Gull Lake Great Lakes Invitational
Hastings West Shore
Red Flannel Festival 11/05
Woodhaven MCBA State
BOA Grand Nationals