When September Ends...

This post has nothing to do with the sentiments of Green Day’s song “Wake Me up When September Ends,” except that Saturday, September 29 is the last competition day for September 2018. A major traffic closure going to play a major part in leaving early this weekend, and it will likely impact at least 2 competitions.

The first month really has flown by! Thank you to everyone who has taken the survey we posted to social media. We know we are falling behind at updating the 2018 information, and can offer no apologies. The excuse is that we’re busy adults with full-time jobs and little to no outside assistance with this site. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. So long as the survey is open, please keep telling us like it is!

And speaking of surveys, here’s a quick little poll. I struggle sometimes to come up with what to say each week, especially when it’s just a quick overview of each competition when you could just go to the competition page. So, tell me true:

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Okay, thank you for that! We’re asking all these questions (and more to come later!) to try to improve this site for you: the people who use it. Enough of boring stuff. Let’s get to the good things:

BREAKING: Traffic Closure to Delay Travel Times

I learned this thanks to Portage Central: M-DOT is closing US-131 at 100th Street near Byron Center. WOOD-TV LINK. It sounds to me that 100th Street will be closed, and the on/off ramps will be turned into free-flow single lanes to allow US-131 traffic to continue North or South (exciting then immediately re-entering) for road work under the 100th Street overpass.

Likely this will only impact you if you’re heading North to Walker for Knight Time Classic, or South to Otsego. I don’t know how bands and fans from the Grand Rapids area would go to get to Bowling Green, but it might impact you if you’re heading South first then East.

And, you can still take 131. Just expect headaches and congestion.

Kenowa Hills Knight Time Classic

Knight Time Classic – Scholastic

Kenowa HIlls hosts their Knight Time Classic in Walker this Saturday. The event starts at 10:00AM, with 12 bands in competition. There is an extended lunch break (1 hr) at noon. We started an Instagram last week! If you happen to enjoy a marching taco, take a picture, post it, and tag us! @michiganmarching

Kenowa Hills performs in exhibition at 2:30PM, and the Grand Valley State University Marching Lakers will perform in exhibition after that. Awards follow GVSU’s performance. See full details here.

Otsego Marching Invitational

Otsego Scholastic

Otsego hosts their annual competition this Saturday, which begins at 1:55PM with the national anthem. 24 bands compete, with two awards ceremonies. The first will slightly interrupt Class B, at 5:15PM. The second occurs after Otsego’s exhibition performance, and will be at 9:30PM. Say hello to the friendliest parking lot attendants we’ve encountered at a competition as you arrive early to get seating! See the full schedule here. 

— And now, for the likely-to-not-be-impacted-by-US-131 competitions:

Chesaning Union Marching Band Invitational

Chesaning Union

This is a new competition this year. Chesaning attempted to host last year, but it was cancelled. This year, 3 bands will be in competition (contest starts at 4:00), and Chesaning Union will perform at 4:45pm. Saginaw Valley State University will perform in exhibition at 5:15PM. Awards will be at 5:30pm. We wish everyone here the best-of-luck with the brand new competition. See the full schedule here.

Have you made it this far? We’ve got a fun contest at the bottom of the page. Keep reading to learn more!

Gibraltar Carlson's Spectacular, Spectaculer

Gibraltar Carlson’s Spectacular, Spectacular!

No words in the vernacular can describe this great event. Spectacular, Spectacular! begins at 3:00PM. 8 bands will be competing, and an awards ceremony for all will be at 5:45PM. You should buy some Deep Fried Oreos, and tag us in photos on Instagram for that also. See the full lineup here.

Troy Athens Marching Invitational

Troy Athens Scholastic

Troy Athens is competing Scholastic this year, and as such, their competition (a yearly regular for MCBA) is now a Scholastic competition. The National Anthem will be performed at 12:50PM, with judged competition starting at 1:00. 12 bands compete, and there will be two award ceremonies. Awards for Class AA, C, and D will be at 2:45PM. Awards for Class A will be at 5:15PM. See the full lineup here.

Linden Marching CompetitionLinden MCBA

Linden is the lone MCBA competition this weekend, hosting 10 bands. 4 of 5 flights are represented, and there are two award ceremonies: Flights III and II at 4:30pm, and Flights I and IV at 7:15pm. The whole event starts at 2:50PM. See all the details here.

BOA Bowling Green

BOA Bowling Green

Bowling Green is a Prelims-Finals format event. Read all the fun details here. 24 bands are competing in prelims for a spot in finals. Among those 24 are Wyoming Godwin Heights, Walled Lake Central, Muskegon Reeths-Puffer, Jenison, Rockford, Plymouth-Canton, Kent City, and Lake Orion from Michigan.

At Regionals, 10 bands advance from Prelims to Finals. (This is not a Super Regional – where 12 advance!) We’re banking on several Michigan bands advancing to Finals, but will not know for certain what happens until Saturday. BOA will announce Finalist bands during the Awards ceremony, and we’ll share that information when we have it.

Best of luck to all bands. Have fun, stay warm. We do the best we can, but it really, really helps us if you can send us scores. 

You could send them to us on Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram!

Here’s the fun contest from earlier: Whoever tags us in the most fun Instagram photo this weekend with more than one band member gets a prize. Bonus points if everyone has a marching taco.

Also, Hi Brenda! 😀


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