Fact: We Need Help

Friends, the fact of the matter is MichiganMarching.com in its current state has grown too large, and on the backend of the website too complex, to efficiently run.

Both Sean and Tim are maintaining full-time jobs, with Tim just having started a new one in a much busier role than previous, while Sean continues to take on new and more aspects in his professional role. We have not have the time to dedicate to this site and the marching activity this year like we have in years past.

We appreciate everyone who has submitted information, and I (Tim) do apologize for not getting that information up faster when I do receive a submission. 

Please keep sending in shows, lineups, and scores – it is helping immensely,  more than you realize!


I am curious, though – if there are any fans or followers who have dabbled or work professionally in website database management, I would love to talk to you about how we can improve this site. I do not have funds to pay, and could likely manage a lot of the coding work myself, but I need someone to bounce ideas off and give advice on certain things. Please contact us if you can maybe assist here.

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