MCBA, or the Michigan Competing Bands Association, is one of two competitive circuits in Michigan. In MCBA, bands compete with the ultimate goal of competing in MCBA State Finals. Bands are divided into flights based on MHSAA school size. Flight arrangements change annually to create a more even distribution of bands per flight, based on the previous year enrollment.

Breakdowns for the flights (for 2018) is as follows:

  • Flight I – 1,686 or greater
  • Flight II – 1,251 to 1,685
  • Flight III – 984 to 1,250
  • Flight IV – 663 to 983
  • Flight V – 662 or less

Notable Changes and Additions

  • In 2018, MCBA introduced a fifth flight of competition. This increases the flight count up from four. Open Class still exists.
  • In 2014, MCBA introduced Score Normalization. Compiled judges’ scores are mathematically inflated. Announced scores no longer reflect a national linear system.
  • In 2013, MCBA introduced Open Class. Open Class is a non-competitive, comments-only performance flight.