Allendale 2018

October 13, 2018
10:00 AM Start

Allendale High School
10760 68th Ave
Allendale, MI 49401


At the time we received this schedule, we noticed there was an unexplained 15 minute gap in Class C. Oakridge performs at 10:30, and West Catholic performs at 11:00. We hope this was intentional, as it could be a mistake that would negatively impact spectators. ARRIVE early in case they decide to move any bands forward on Saturday. Ideally, they will catch the issue and move Montague and Oakridge back 15 minutes if it was not an intentional scheduling choice. But, that is up to the host… so, be prepared. Arrive early and you should be golden.

Class C

10:15 AM Montague

2 78.8 Guard, Visual

10:30 AM Muskegon Oakridge

3 70.1

11:00 AM GR West Catholic

1 82.1 Percussion, Music

Class B

11:15 AM Fremont

2 74.5

11:30 AM GR Kenowa Hills

1 82.4 All

Class A

12:15 PM Caledonia

2 87.8

12:30 PM Petoskey

1 92.2 All

Class AA

12:45 PM Grand Haven

1 88.6 All

Class B Exhibition & Awards

01:00 PM Allendale

82.4 Host

Please note that all times and schedules are subject to change.