2014 MCBA Score “Norming”

We want to apologize for not posting Novi scores last night; we had graciously received them via Facebook, but we felt that there was a potential scoring miscalculation and chose to wait until MCBA posted the event recap to see if an issue had occurred.

What we found out, and what is crucial for everybody who uses to this site to know, is that there was an MCBA rule change that greatly impacts the future of MCBA scores in Michigan.

Note: I am very impacted by this change, and this post is rather heart-felt. I do not by any comments made mean to discredit the work any bands have done. Read More

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September 20 Competitions

This Saturday, September 20, marks the official start to the competitive season in Michigan. While there were MCBA- and SMB-sanctioned events last weekend, we will see our first scores of 2014 this weekend. Over 50 bands will perform their competitive shows this Saturday. Read More

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2014 Ready to Kick Off

This Saturday, September 13, marks the official “kick-off” to the 2014 Marching Season. West Bloomfield hosts 6 bands at MCBA Field Day, and Wayne Memorial will host 8 bands at their invitational. Read More

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2014 Competition Pages Now Available

2014 Competition pages are now live. Of course, we need help getting schedules for the competitions. If you happen to have any yet, please let us know!

New for 2014: We’ve added a weather tool to each competition page to help you better prepare for each competition! Read More

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DCI Blasts into Troy

Drum and Bugle Corps blast into Troy for the Legends Drum Corps Invitational at Troy Athens High School on Tuesday, July 29. Show begins at 7 p.m. Read More

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Please Submit 2014 Shows and Schedules

As a reminder to all Michigan Marching users, we run this site on available-to-the-public information. If you know your band’s, or other bands’, show or competition schedule for 2014, please submit the information to us. We appreciate all of your help! Read More

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